3 V Pigeon Key Art Festival a Big Show for a Tiny Island V  V  February 4th & 5th 2017
ABOUT THE FESTIVAL Held   as   a   fundraiser   for   the   tiny   historic   island   called   Pigeon   Key in   the   tropical   Florida   Keys,   this   two-day   juried   event   attracts exemplary   artists   and   quality   buyers   from   across   the   globe.      The festival   takes   place   February   6   &   7   at   the   Marathon   Community Park,   MM49,   Marathon   FL.   and   showcases   more   than   70   fine artists   and   craftsmen,   wide   selection   of   delicious   local   cuisine options,   and   live   art   and   auction   by   preeminent   celebrity   marine life   artist,   Wyland.   New   this   year   will   be   historical   reenactments, period   entertainment   and   educational   programing   highlighting the Pigeon Key Foundation’s important projects. OUR ORGANIZATION Pigeon    Key    is    a    five-acre    island    located    2.3    miles    west    of Marathon.   It   is   connected   to   the   mainland   by   a   bridge   originally built   by   Henry   Flagler   for   his   Florida   East   Coast   Railway.   From 1908     to     1935     Pigeon     Key     served     as     a     construction     and maintenance base camp. In    1992,    the    Pigeon    Key    Foundation    was    formed    as    a    joint venture   between   the   Monroe   County   Environmental   Education Task   Force   and   the   Mote   Marine   Laboratory   of   Sarasota,   Florida, and    a    30-year    lease    was    granted.    Currently,    the    Pigeon    Key Foundation   is   restoring   the   historic   island,   operating   a   museum, conducting   guided   tours   and   providing   a   center   for   important marine    science    research    and    education.    All    proceeds    raised during   the   festival   go   directly   to   furthering   the   efforts   of   the 501-C3 Pigeon Key Foundation.
23rd Annual Festival 70+ Artists 4,000-5,000 Attend Affluent Demographic with expendable income National Exposure Community Supported Florida Keys Tourism Development Council  Approved Tax-Deductible
Festival Facts
1 CONTACT Jill Snodgrass, Festival Director pkartfestival@gmail.com | 573.680.5468   Denise Decrow, Festival Chair Pigeon Key Foundation PO Box 510264 Key Colony Beach, FL 33051 www.pigeonkeyartfestival.com     NAVIGATION WELCOME ABOUT VIDEO GET INVOLVED WYLAND LIVE! SCHEDULE ARTISTS

Signature Sponsors

OFFERING THE OPPORTUNITY TO BRAND TO A SPECFIC FESTIVAL AREA Artist   Reception   Sponsor   ($4000   or   in   kind   value)   –   The   prestigious   Meet   the   Artist   Reception   is   held   the   Friday evening   prior   to   the   show   and   offers   an   opportunity   for   the   sponsors,   local   dignitaries   and   media   to   mix   and mingle   in   a   relaxed   atmosphere.   The   featured   Artist   is   on   hand   to   reveal   this   year’s   collectable   art   piece   that   will appear   on   posters,   t-shirts   and   as   the   2017   Pigeon   Key   Art   Festival   logo.   The   Artist   Reception   involves   a combination   cash/in   kind   sponsorship   that   includes   support/set-up   of   the   event,   event   location,   food   and beverage,   entertainment   and   décor.   Sponsor   gets   naming   rights   and   onsite   presence   as   well   as   a   substantial amount of tickets to the event to distribute to clients and key personnel. Raffle   Sponsor    ($2,500   or   +   in   kind   value)   –   The   festival   offers   a   raffle   where   attendees   purchase   tickets   and place   them   in   the   container   in   front   of   the   items   they   would   like   –   if   their   ticket   is   drawn,   they   win.   The   raffle works   in   combination   with   an   auction   that   involves   a   combination   cash/in   kind   sponsorship   that   will   include   a signature   donated   item   (golf   cart,   moped,   cruise,   getaway   package,   shopping   spree,   etc).   On   site   tickets   will   be sold   at   the   entrances   and   at   the   auction   tent.   Sponsor   gets   naming   rights   for   the   raffle/auction   and   onsite presence. Eco   Bag   Sponsor   ($2,500   or   in   kind   value)   --   Eco-friendly,   reusable   shopping   bags   will   be   provided   to   patrons with   each   full   price   gate   admission.   Each   bag   will   have   the   Festival   logo   on   one   side   and   the   sponsor   logo   on   the other. Sponsorship includes a minimum of 750 bags.
Themed Areas (Camps) ($1500 each plus activation) In   addition   to   the   fabulous   artist   booths,   there   will   be   several   new   designated   themed   areas   in   the   Park   we’ll   brand ‘Camps’   (pending   full   funding).   These   are   open   to   naming   rights   and   will   include   logo   on   the   signage,   Festival   map, and   opportunity   to   develop   additional   theme-specific   branded   printed   materials.   We   will   custom-create   an   activation plan   that   could   involve   interactive   activities   for   guests,   giveaways,   staffing   by   your   employees,   sampling,   etc.   that represents the theme. Ente rtainment   Camp    –   Continuous   entertainment   will   take   place   at the    Marathon    Community    Park    Amphitheater    throughout    the weekend    to    include    period    storytelling,    educational    briefs    by marine   life   experts,   old-time   music   and   live   art   demonstrations. The   stage   will   also   be   the   venue   for   celebrity   marine   life   artist, Wyland,   to   create   and   auction   one-of-a   kind   masterpieces   to   the highest bidder. M arine   Education   Camp   –   The   Pigeon   Key   Foundation   operates   a   Marine   Science Center    (PKFMSC)    on    its    private    five-acre    island.    The    center    gravitates    towards hands-on    learning,    turning    the    island    and    surrounding    ecosystem    into    the classroom.   Students   are   provided   with   a   pivotal,   one-of-a-kind   experience   that   will be    invaluable    to    them    the    rest    of    their    lives.    For    over    20    years,    PKFMSC    has provided    private,    customized    programs    to    more    than    30,000    participants    from more   than   1,000   schools   throughout   the   United   States.   Programs   are   tailored   for all   ages—elementary   school   to   post   graduate—and   are   designed   and   endorsed   by some   of   the   most   respected   marine   scientists   in   the   US.   This   area   at   the   festival will    showcase    Pigeon    Key’s    education    efforts    with    hands-on    and    interactive activities and information. Art   Camp   –   Sure   there’s   a   lot   of   great   art   to   look   at,   but   nothing   beats   getting   creative.   This   area   will   offer   kid’s art   projects   as   well   as   ‘Sip   and   Paint’   opportunities   for   adults   to   create   a   masterpiece   instructed   by   one   of   our great guest artists. Living   Hi story   Camp   –   Pigeon   Key’s   long   and   varied   history   and   preservation   efforts will    be    highlighted    through    displays    and    demonstrations    reminiscent    of    the Flagler railroad days and the romanticism of train travel. Programming   Partners   –   In   order   to   make   the   Camps   robust   and   inclusive   of   the Pigeon    Key    Mission    to    promote    Education,    History    and    Research,    we    will collaborate    with    local    resources    to    include    the    Turtle    Hospital,    Save    a    Turtle, Dolphin   Research   Center,   Aquarium   Encounters,   Crane   Point   Hammock,   Friends   of   the Marine Sanctuary and Friends of Old Seven.
PKArtF estLive   Sponsor    ( $1500   or   in   kind   value)   --   Our   social   media tent   will   be   the   central   location   to   get   online   at   PKAF.   Visitors   can post   a   Facebook   comment,   Tweet,   snap   and   upload   an   ‘Artrageous’ selfie   and   take   a   festival   survey   all   in   one   “Hot   Spot”!   Attendees   can also    charge    their    cell    phone    or    “Like”    an    ArtFest    sponsor    on Facebook.   All   visitors   who   show   a   room-key   card   from   a   local   hotel and    check-in    to    the    event    on    FB    will    be    entered    into    a    special drawing.   The   social   media   tent   involves   a   combination   cash   and   in- kind   sponsorship   that   involves   support/set-up   of   the   area   including internet access, tablets, etc., and the prize for the drawing. Concession   Sponsor   ($1500   or   in   kind   value)   –   The   concession   area   will   feature   beer,   wine,   water   and   soda   and   a variety   of   food   vendors   serving   local   and   festival   favorites.   The   sponsorship   involves   a   combination   cash   and/or contribution of product. Sponsor gets naming rights for the concession area and onsite presence. Lodging    Sponsor    ($500)    –    Sponsors    will    receive    a    list    of    accepted    artists    and    their    contact    information,    be recognized   in   all   applicable   advertisements,   including   the   Festival   program,   be   listed   in   our   mailings   to   participating artists and your company logo and reservation link on the Pigeon Key Art Festival website. Media   Partner   (In   kind)   –   The   Festival   facilitates   a   substantial   advertising   purchase   through funds   allocated   from   the   Tourism   Development   Council   but   it’s   through   our   media   partners that   the   true   collaboration   and   promotion   in   our   community   takes   place.   We   hope   local newspaper,   periodicals,   radio   and   television   organizations   recognize   the   important   impact Pigeon   Key   has   on   the   middle   keys   piece   of   the   tourism   pie   and   will   help   the   non-profit foundation spread the word. For more information or a meeting to discuss ways we can custom create a sponsorship tailored to meet your exact marketing goals, please contact any of the Pigeon Key Board Members or: Jill Snodgrass , Festival Director pkartfestival@gmail.com | 573.680.5468 Denise Decrow, Festival Chair Pigeon Key Foundation PO Box 510264 Key Colony Beach, FL 33051 www.pigeonkeyartfestival.com
Don Hiller, President Mike Puto, Vice President Carolyn Anthony, Treasurer Jason Koler , Secretary Bettye Chaplin Denise DeCrow, Art Festival Chair Duane Francis Patty Ivey Rich Malafy Jim Rhyne George Steinmetz Riet Steinmetz Kathleen Wiljansen Kelly McKinnon, Executive Director 305-743-5999 www.pigeonkey.net
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January 11, 2016:  22nd Annual Pigeon Key Art Festival Announces New Partnerships

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For the Festival: Denise DeCrow, Festival Chair 440-477-7203 Jill Snodgrass, Festival Director 573-680-5468 Sean Krikorian, Festival Coordinator 573-619-2200 pkartfestival@gmail.com     For Pigeon Key: Kelly McKinnon, Executive Director PO Box 500130 Marathon, FL 33050     305-743-5999 www.pigeonkey.net www.pigeonkeyArtFestival.com facebook.com/PigeonKeyArtFest #pigeonkey
Pigeon Key Art Festival a Big Show for a Tiny Island V  V  February 4th & 5th 2017